about Founder Stephanie L. Howitt

Stephanie L. Howitt
Founder, Principal Design Consultant, Concierge + Lifestyle Contributor.

This New York native from European roots started a modeling career after gaining immediate exposure from top modeling agencies and world-renown fashion leaders at an International Model and Talent Association Competition in New York City. Since then, her image and form have graced commercials, fashion events, promotional campaigns and designer runways. Her extensive modeling experience has afforded her an in-depth, hands-on education in the fashion industry and a deep appreciation for design.

Stephanie's journey led her to Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, where she earned a degree in business with a primary focus on Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. In tandem with her business degree, she has received extensive training in the fine arts where she developed a discerning eye for all things beautiful. Later graduating with an additional degree in Interior Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Stephanie is a trained fashion stylist, personal shopper and image consultant certified by the Fashion Image Institute. As a designer and creative consultant trained in interior design, organization, styling, staging and event production, her work has been publically exhibited within a prominent gallery in New York City. This lifestyle expert and private concierge maintains her competitive edge in the hospitality industry as a Triangle Concierge Graduate operating within a global luxury network. In addition, she is the chief creative force behind The SLH Lifestyle Guide, a viral platform that showcases lifestyle trends and curated tips for discerning audiences. Stephanie also serves as a frequent editorial contributor to magazine publications within the New York metropolitan area.

Stephanie has leveraged her education and experience to work with clientele in both residential and corporate settings in Manhattan. It is there where her entrepreneurial spirit flourished in the effort of making lives more efficient and memorable. She has created an unparalleled source for assistance in all areas of a client’s life. Stephanie is a firm believer that we actually can have it all, and that living well is just as important as designing well! Ultimately, there are no dress rehearsals for life, only the main act. Everyone’s main act deserves a prominent place in the limelight.