Rent The Runway, rule the streets. Rent The Runway is the ideal service we use, when styling our clients’ or preparing them for a major event. This members only service makes glamourous and high-end designer duds, accessible for the modern woman.

Women will no longer commit the fashion crime of wearing a jaw dropping dress once for a major event, only to find it a home, in the back of their closet. Rent The Runway not only houses gorgeous dresses but jewelry, handbags, beauty products, and those handy intimates that remain a stylist secret! It’s no wonder that many women, like our clients’ are renting it, wearing it and returning it.

So Here’s How The RTR System Works.

  1. Once a member, you select your dream dress which RTR ships either same or next day delivery given your location.
  2. Rent The Runway will even provide a second dress in an additional size to give you the proper fit your craving.
  3. Once you’ve ruled the streets in your Rent The Runway designer dress, place it in your nearest mailbox free of charge. They’ll take care of the cleaning!
  4. You now have access to your dream closet & are ready for any occasion at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Rent The Runway Repeat.

Contact a SLHLifestyle Lifestyle Expert for your style needs.

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