Frequently Asked Questions

I. What Types Of Services Do We Offer?

SLHLifestyle offers a comprehensive collection of lifestyle advisory, design, concierge, travel, and hospitality management services to bring clients a full-service experience.

II. How Do We Support Our Clients?

SLHLifestyle provides our clients with complete support through our diverse communication methods. Based on preference, clients may contact us with their inquiry through email, telephone, dedicated WhatsApp or our SLHLifestyle Mobile Management. Select Lifestyle Advisory Services can be scheduled on your terms at your preferred location.

III. What Type Of Clients Do We Serve?

Our clients range from private professionals, residential buildings and corporate entities in various industries.

IV. What Locations Do We Serve?

SLHLifestyle is New York-based business with a global reach in luxury. In addition to serving New York City, Long Island’s Gold Coast, and The Hamptons, SLH operates in various metropolitan cities with our SLHLifestyle Mobile Management and virtual support.

V. What Is Your Service Structure?

Lifestyle Distinctive Programs and Concierge Member Packages are offered at 3, 6, and 12-month increments. In addition, SLH offers a monthly option to access to our Lifestyle/Concierge Team. This choice is ideal for those looking to a maintain access for on-going lifestyle support when needed while enjoying select exclusive offers, event access, mobile communications and our global network of luxury suppliers.

VI. What Is Your Price Structure?

Distinctive Programs for our Lifestyle Services are based on an SLH Standard Hourly Consultation Rate. Member Packages for our Concierge Services are based on an SLH Standard Rate Per Request. Each selected Program/Package is tailored to the client, providing them the opportunity to determine the quantity of requests or consultation hours needed.

VII. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

SLHLifestyle accepts a variety of payment methods including all major credit cards, cash, debit cards, mobile and select digital wallets and bank-based payments.


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