refined sensibility

Style is the customary manner of expressing tailored individuality, tasteful imagination, and refined sensibility. We respect an individual’s personal aesthetic, unique characteristics and individual attributes to refine one’s style identity. SLH Lifestyle’s Style Consulting Services gives visual clarity and provides a strong foundation and stylistic skill set, which the clients adapt as their own to reach their potential. We coach our clients to dress effortlessly for their shape and occasion. We shop for key investment basics to maximize their existing wardrobe. SLH Lifestyle helps to create a style that is refined, purposeful and commanding – adding extra verve to a busy professional life. Our highly skilled fashion consultants and personal shoppers provide expert advice on color analysis, exquisite gifting, wardrobe acquisition, wardrobe clarification, personal styling and editorial shoots.

Event Consulting Services

Whether it’s creating intimate gatherings or grand events, SLH Lifestyle’s Event Consulting Services oversees every affair with artful flair and spirited originality. Our crafted celebrations reflect timeless traditions and opulent elegance. We combine varying design principles and a strong visual aesthetic when creating tastefully designed soirees to celebrate cherished moments with family and friends. Our attention to detail and ardent project management style provides peace of mind for the host, allowing you to focus on your guests and the occasion. Whether it’s sourcing materials, outside vendor selection, venue design or event production coordination, our attuned sense of style is present in every executed event design and concept development. SLH Lifestyle will allow you to impress with an affair to remember.

Crafting a strong personal image allows you to project a clear perception of who you are and ultimately helps you create a strong sense of personal worth and power. Image consulting will elevate self-confidence and provide a lifestyle transformation. It promotes motivation, dispels insecurities, achieves personal goals and invites corporate success. SLH Lifestyle’s Image Consulting Services will help create strong visual identities. We provide each of our clients with tools to put their best foot forward by displaying a positive social image. We are trained in providing expertise and in-depth focus in areas of appearance, behavior, protocol, etiquette, communication and personal branding.

Interior Design Services

Your space is an extension of yourself. You deserve to live in an environment that reflects your individuality, evokes productivity and inspires creativity. SLH Lifestyle’s Interior Design Services creates original and personalized spaces based on the needs and desires of our clients. Whether you’re looking to maximize use of space, create a conceptually aesthetic floor plan, seek advice on a color scheme, lighting, furnishings and decorative arts, we can assist. SLH Lifestyle exudes an uncompromising eye for detail as we execute designs for your residential or corporate setting. Our design consultants and trusted project managers are educated in interior design, professional organization, home staging, and art consulting.

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