Optimum handbag consignment with an application of ease, Rebag is the innovative E-commerce start-up changing the way we view personal luxury consignment. Helping fashion enthusiasts effectively streamline our wardrobes while creating a purposeful organizational system within our closets!

Founded by Fashion Entrepreneur Charles-Albert Gorra, Rebag’s revolutionary consignment model allows its users to free up valued closet space while expanding our wallets almost instantaneously. Initially operating with the simplistic touch of an application, the digital navigation process is a seamless full-service. Users upload an image along with a detailed design description and are notified with a given a quote.  Competitive pricing is based on the handbag designer, style and overall condition.

Once accepted, Rebag provides a complimentary prepaid box for shipping or on-site pickup for select locations within the NYC/LA area. When received, the handbags are purchased outright providing the consumer with immediate satisfaction on their previous designer investments. The funds are available via cheque or bank transfer within 2-3 business days.

SLHLifestyle Tip: To Maximize The Resale Value of Your Handbags, Include Original Dust Bags + Authenticity Cards.

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