As the winter frost starts to melt revealing springtime blooming buds, interior designers are awoken. The spring season brings fresh opportunities to make adjustments to our interior spaces. We store heavy pieces and thick materials to make room for lighter textures, bolder prints and vibrant colors. In a city filled with infamously small spaces, making that interior transition may require an additional level of finesse.

Viyet is an online consignment store whose focus is solely on home decor and furniture. Formed by Louise Youngson-Klasfeld and Rachel Rodin, Viyet provides two service options depending on client needs. With a grand opening, this spring, Viyet’s service will make the organizational and design process easier by allowing our clients to sell their substantial pieces more efficiently. The consignment process starts with an initial consultation, to evaluate each piece. From there, they either coordinate the moving process to an offsite location, or leave it in your home until it is sold. The Viyet team will visually document each piece to display on the their site. The result is a check of 50% of the sold price minus Viyet’s fees, and newfound space for something beautiful.

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