Traveling to a newly found destination can be thrilling but packing can be a stressful activity. The art packing may be a science, but we’ve brought you the traveling essentials courtesy of Flight001, so you can pack with ease. So what are you waiting for? Get Organized; Get Packing and See The World!

Flight 001 caters to the avid jetsetter, the kind that would rather spend more time on an adventure then trying to remember if they packed their camera and an extra pair of socks. Flight 001 was developed high above the clouds on an Air France Flight, by business travelers John Sencion and Brad John after the World’s Transcontinental Flight001. Two frequent flyers whose effort to create innovative and functional travel products quickly became the must have accessories for JetSetters, Organizational Fanatics, Nomads and Global Aficionados alike. The result is retro inspired packing essentials that remain the cherry on top of our traveling sundae.

SLHLifestyle’s Travel Essentials

  • Go Clean Pack Bags allow you to separate gym gear, wet suits, shoes and your unmentionables, from the rest of your luggage. Allowing you to stay clean and fresh through the duration of your trip!
  • SPACEPAK Cases maximize existing space and compresses your items into clean & dirty laundry sections, saving you room for that extra pair of shoes.
  • Humorous Luggage Tags and Passport Covers are sure to be a perfect match with any traveler’s personality. Colorfully fun and functional accessories that are easy to spot in the luggage carousel or security bin.
  • Forget In Flight Entertainment, catch up on some beauty sleep with whimsical eye masks and get your body adjusted, to new found time zones with the JetPax Jet Lag Relief. An AM & PM Restorative Supplement, which relieves symptoms caused by long travel such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, dehydration and disorientation.
  • Stay Fresh and Beautified through security check points with F1’s CARRY-ON BOTTLE SET. Seven transparent travel sized bottles all under 3oz each to satisfy TSA Requirements.

Contact a SLHLifestyle Travel Advisor to satisfy your wanderlust.

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