Mr & Mrs Smith are the ultimate dynamic duo of travel. A power couple that anonymously globe-trots, all the while assessing their accommodations. The result is a collection of the world’s finest boutique and luxury hotels showcased onto one site. A site that allows smith members, and soon to be jet-setters the ability to review their finds of over a decade journey of exploration.

Members have the ability to search by destination or accommodation. As a blacksmith member, you become acutely aware of all of their insider finds and have the ability to book these accommodations at incenting prices. Premium members receive additional perks, like percentages back on stays, and additional discounts from the Smith’s luxury partners.

Finally, as all good travelers must do before checking out, make sure to visit the Mr. & Mrs. Smith gift shop for their comprehensive global guidebooks, room vouchers, curated music and travel accessories. So whether you are looking for a chic villa in Ibiza, a catered Swiss chalet or a luxe boutique hotel for less, the Smith’s will take care of you like friends, and let’s face it, we all get by with a little from our friends.

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